Tween Scene: Gardening

Hello friends!! It’s Michael C. here, from the Central Library. Today, I hope you will join me while we go on a little gardening adventure! 

One of the best parts about gardening is that it can be done cheaply, and sometimes with things you have around the house. One of the most rewarding things you can grow is your own food, and there are so many plants you can grow to eat from the scraps you are probably throwing into the compost bin. It’s true! I promise. 

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STEAM Club: Climbing Fun

Hello my friends! It’s Karen B. from Country Hills Library. I hope you are all doing well! I miss seeing all of you, and I have enjoyed doing all kinds of fun activities with you on this blog! Next week, you’ll see some changes in our blog and this is my last STEAM blog for a little bit. Check in with us on Wednesday as we kick off our new look and celebrate Pride month.

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Book Club: How to Catch a Unicorn

image credit: Download Library

Hello friends! Michael C. and Tamsin C. here from the Central Library. Welcome back to the Billie Bookbot Book Club! One of our favourite creatures ever is the Unicorn. Judging by the number of picture books that are coming out starring unicorns, it would seem we aren’t the only ones! What’s not to love with their magical, mystical, sparkly, glittery, wonderful splendiferousness!?   

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Baby and Toddler Storytime: Gross Motor Play

image credit: Unsplash

Hello, this is Cheryl J. from Central Library. Gross motor development is the development of the larger, stronger muscle groups in the body. Developing these muscles helps babies hold their heads up, sit, crawl, walk, run and skip. Gross motor play is also an important part of your toddler’s day. There are many ways you can add gross motor into your day.

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Tween Scene: Medieval Fun

Good morrow! It’s me, Tamsin C., and I’m excited to delve into Medieval fun today. We’ll tap into our Medieval creativity by building some iconic structures and creating some timeless masterpieces.

Maybe you’ve already learned some Medieval history in school, read some books, or watched a few movies on your own and learned some cool facts. The Middle Ages tend to be a popular time period for the setting of fantasy novels, using some of the lore and royalty structures. Can you think of any books or movies you’ve read or watched that had a Medieval theme?

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