Tween Scene: Create Your Monogram Using Leaves

October is a month where the trees are full of colour, but November is a month where the leaves have fallen and the trees are bare. Nature is getting ready to welcome Winter. As I looked at the bare trees in my neighbourhood, I was drawn to all the leaves that have fallen on the ground. I wanted to use these leaves to give them a new purpose. Today, I’m going to show you how to create a leaf monogram.


  • Leaves – make sure they’re dry
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Stencil – optional for your initial
  • Glue
  • Paper towel – to let your leaves dry on


Once you’ve gathered your leaves from outside, it’s important to let them dry. Put them on a paper towel and leave them overnight.

  1. On your paper, trace using a stencil or draw an outline of your initial. I’m using the letter T. Make it fill the page you’re working with.
  2. Take your leaves and begin placing them inside your letter outline. Give variety of size, colour, and direction. Fiddle with it until you like how it looks.
  3. Once you’re happy with your layout, take a picture of it or use your memory to remember where you placed it all. Now, remove the leaves from your outline.
  4. Take your glue and spread it around the inside of your outline. This makes it easier to just focus on putting your leaves down.
  5. Don’t be afraid to rip the leaves in half to give it more character and fill in small spaces. I tried cutting the outline of my letter, but I actually like the look of some overhanging the line. You decide what look you prefer.
  6. Let dry and voila, you have your own leaf monogram! Now nature can stay indoors for the winter.

Take It Further

Super Simple Leaf Projects: Fun and Easy Crafts Inspired by Nature by Kelly Doudna

image credit: KPL Encore

This book is great at giving you more ideas to use nature for art projects. It even shows you how to preserve your nature materials. Request it from the library.

Leaves and Trees by Elaine Pascoe, photographs by Dwight Kuhn

image credit: KPL Encore

This book goes more in depth about leaves and trees and shows you some interesting experiments. Request it from the library.

Make Forest Faces and Mud Monsters by Emily Kington

image credit: KPL Encore

(KPL Encore)

This is a fun book to get you outside and think outside the box! There’s even some cool projects you can do with tree bark. Request it from the library.

Your Turn

Now that you’ve tackled leaves, try making a monogram using twigs or pinecones or even tree bark that’s fallen on the ground! Share your artwork with us by emailing We’d love to see it!


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