Olympics At Home

image credit: Canva

Much of the world is getting excited about the Tokyo Summer Olympics, delayed from last year and meant start this month on July 23. It’s an exciting time for the world’s best athletes to compete on a global level, and it’s an inspirational time for our own young athletes at home.  Here are some Olympic-sized activities to try out with your kiddos at home. 

Pompom Soccer* 

For this activity, you’ll need masking tape, a pompom (or a small crumpled paper), and enough drinking straws for everyone. On a table, tape off a centre line and two goalposts on either end. Pass the pompom back and forth to each other by blowing through your straw! If you can blow the pompom into the other side’s net, you win! Be sure to stay on your side of the “field” or you may face a penalty!  

* It’s best to play this game within your household bubble 

Pool Noodle Javelin Throw 

See who can throw a pool noodle the farthest! Don’t have a pool noodle? Try throwing something sillier, like an uncooked spaghetti noodle! 

Obstacle Course Decathalon 

Draw a path with sidewalk chalk for your kids to follow. Include spots to do fun activities like jumping jacks, hurdles, hopscotch, balance beam, and more. Don’t forget to include a couple of water breaks! 

Homemade Medal tally 

When the Olympics are hosted 13 timezones away from us, it can be hard to keep tabs on how Canadian athletes are doing. Set up a tally at home, and make a habit of checking the Olympics website at a set time each day to count up how many more medals we’ve won. You can use a different colour for Gold, Silver, and Bronze, and you can even keep track of who won that medal for what activity. (And you can definitely keep track of medals from your other favourite countries, too!) 

Billie’s Book Picks

Olympig! The Triumphant Story of an Underdog by Victoria Jamieson

image credit: KPL Encore

Boomer the Pig has worked hard to make it into the Animal Olympics, and he’s so excited to show off his skills! But it turns out that his best is not always THE best. Will Boomer let that get to him? Read the story to find out!

On Your Mark, Get Set, Gold! by Scott Allen, illustrated by Antoine Gorbineau

image credit: KPL Encore

This book is chock-full of hilarious, awe-inspiring facts about the Summer Olympics! Highly informative, you’ll learn everything you need about pretty much every Summer Olympic event and what you need to do for your own training.

Memorable Gymnastics Moments by Erin Nicks

image credit: KPL Encore

The Summer Olympics is the time for the world’s elite gymnasts to show off their incredible talent. Learn about some of the most memorable moments in Olympic gymnastic history before watching new history made during the Tokyo 2021 events!

Ready, Set, Go!

If any of these activities are a gold-medal winner for your family, we’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment down below, or send an email to childkpl@kpl.org.


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