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Oh the wonderful world of comic books! I still remember as a child visiting my grandparents and they’d give me a few dollars to walk to the corner store to buy a treat. Inevitably, the lure of those Archie double digests comic books would be too great, and that’s what I would come home with instead of tangy Sweet Tarts or Bazooka bubble gum.

Fast forward a few decades, and comic books are just as popular and relevant now as they ever were. So much so that every year on September 25th, National Comic Book Day is celebrated, thereby honoring the art, artists and stories of comic books. Continue reading for more cool comic book content.

All Ages Appeal

The great thing about comic books is that there is literally something for everyone! Scooby Doo? Check! The Wonderful World of Disney? Check! (Remember Scrooge McDuck? I still have a tattered copy of his miserly shenanigans lying about somewhere). Betty and Veronica? Asterix? The Simpsons? Peanuts? Star Wars? Spiderman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Thor, and more! We can marvel (ha ha), at the immense volume of content that is available in comic book form.

With content ranging from juvenile to mature, there is a comic book out there for any reader. Check out the list below for some great books about comic books.

Comic Book Creators by Alejandro Arbona ; art by Chelsea O’Mara Holeman

Awesome Minds: Comic Book Creators
Image credit: KPL Encore

Did you know that Superman debuted in 1938 and is considered to have fueled the birth of the superhero craze? Or that Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira was instrumental in introducing manga to the world outside of Japan? Comic books are now fully part of mainstream pop culture, and this engaging read introduces kids ages 8-12 to the pivotal creators of the world’s most beloved comics, as well as the unknown names that have guided the industry to where it is today.

Place a hold on this cool behind-the-comic book here.

Cool Comics : Creating Fun and Fascinating Collections! by Pam Price

Cool Comics : Creating Fun and Fascinating Collections!
Image credit: KPL Encore

This book contains facts about collecting comics that will inspire the reader to start his or her own collection. Readers will gain a working knowledge of this hobby which includes background history of comics going from the Platinum Age, Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age to the Modern Age, writers & artists, how to grade comics, comic book conventions or “comicons”, the best places to buy comics, and how to organize, store and care for a comic collection. Full-color photographs, materials & techniques, tips & sidebar information, a glossary and an index are all included in this title.

Place a hold on this comic collectors must read here.

Draw out the story : ten secrets to creating your own comics by Brian McLachlan

Draw Out the Story : Ten Secrets to Creating Your Own Comics
Image credit: KPL Encore

Whether kids want to write or draw a comic that’s funny or scary, long or short, made-up or true-to-life, cartoonist and author Brian McLachlan maintains there are just ten crucial things they need to know to get started. Using colloquial text, images, and examples, each chapter hones in on a different secret to creating great comics. Budding comic artists will learn how to make text and illustrations work together, how to give characters personality, how to choose the right tool for each project, and much more.

Pace a hold on this how to create comics book here.

Marvel Ultimate Quiz Book : Are You a Marvel Expert? by Melanie Scott

Marvel Ultimate Quiz Book : Are You a Marvel Expert?
Image credit: KPL Encore

Are you a Marvel comics enthusiast? Get 500 facts to expand your knowledge on all things Marvel Universe with facts about characters, super-powers, and secret identities.

This Marvel fact book takes the reader on an action-packed journey to learn all about their favorite Marvel Super Heroes and villains, including some fan-favorites such as Captain America, Spider-Man, The Avengers and more. With hundreds of amazing facts and interesting questions, you can test your family and entertain your friends with hours of tricky trivia. 

Place a hold on this super(hero) fact-tastic book here.

Graphic Novels

Now, I would be an awful children’s programmer and reader advisory enthusiast if I ignored the wonderful category of graphic novels! For those not familiar with this format, think comic books but bigger and beefier! Graphic novels are similar to comic books because they use sequential art to tell a story. However unlike comic books, graphic novels are generally stand-alone stories with more complex plots.

Graphic novels have exploded in popularity with children over the last decade, making them an appealing and accessible way to get some of those more reluctant readers to pick up a book. And yet, they entice even the most avid of readers with vivid illustrations, clever speech bubbles and complete storylines. Think Bone, Geronimo Stilton, Smile, Plants vs. Zombies, Amulet, Lumberjanes, Teen Titans Go, and Big Nate as just a few of kids favorites. Our children’s departments have a super selection of graphic novels available for your young readers.

To browse our vast selection of juvenile graphic novels, click here.

Whether you grew up glued to the pages of comic books, or you’ve never experienced the wonders that lie between their pages, Comic Book Day encourages you to get out and embrace this incredible story telling medium. So go ahead and grab that Archie, Batman, Garfield or X-Men comic book or graphic novel and lose yourself in the joys of a simple read.


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